Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Darla the Bee

Bz z Zz Bzz... She's a bee, deciding on lunch!

Heya everyone. I've made a new, wearable pet that I hope you'll enjoy. Darla is a cute, colorful bee whose jar for homemade honey is running on empty. She's hoping an elaborate map will lead her to that sweet, sweet treasure: golden flowers overflowing with nectar. Darla comes in 6 colors: brown, dark blue, light blue, pink, purple and yellow. She blinks and resides on 3 attachment points.

Sales poster :D

All the available colors. Yellow was the first I designed and I figured this would be my favorite because it's "traditional". Now that they're all done though, I'm feeling the love for the funkier color schemes. Light blue I think looks particularly nice. As always, the color fatpack is scripted for your convenience. Oh, and why the name Darla? I don't know to be honest. It popped into my head quite early on in this project. I think it might've stuck with me from watching Finding Nemo. (The evil little girl in the movie is called Darla.)

Looking over Darla's shoulder at the treasure map. I designed and drew this map from scratch, which was a labor of love. It was important to me that it looked somewhat realistic, like this bee could truly have some use for it. The level of detail in the map makes the overall product cuter and more fun, I hope.

Close-up shots of Darla's honey jar. It says "honey" on one side and "homemade" on the other. I'm very happy with how the lighting on this product turned out. It's the first release to use an entirely new lighting setup, which creates a softer, more natural atmosphere. I will be fine-tuning this rig going forward.

:) That's everything about Darla. She can be found in my mainstore and on the SL Marketplace. One color is L$350, the fatpack is L$1,050.

Darla the Bee on the SL Marketplace: brown | dark blue | light blue | pink | purple | yellow | fatpack

P.S.: Flickr winner! I have chosen one customer, who has submitted a pic since my last giveaway, to receive a Darla fatpack for free. I really liked this image by Chips Morrisey. The colors and composition are wonderful and the overall image feels very dreamy. I will contact this customer personally to send her her prize. And thank you to everyone else who submitted pics as well. I will be doing more giveaways in the future. Anyone who wants to submit something to the store group can do so here :)

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