Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Lollistalk

All your candy cravings satisfied by one marvelous, colorful, sugary plant!

Once upon a time, the first Lollistalk sprouted from fertile soil deep within Lollipop Land. The plant thrived and has now arrived to remedy any and all sugar lows! Carry it around when you're feeling hungry, or rez it on your land as whimsical decoration.

Sales poster :)

All available colors. I personally really like the light blue version with the pink pot. Pink and light blue go together so well in my opinion. It's a color combination I end up using quite often.

Some of you may remember that I originally released The Lollistalk for Project Themeory, ages ago. I never got around to doing a full release though and now I'm kind of glad that I waited as long as I did. I converted the plant from sculpts to mesh, which brought the prim count down from 37 to a mere 8! I also redid the lighting and created more colors.

I wasn't entirely sure at first whether I preferred my new lighting rig over the old one. The additional shadows do seem to make the plant look more lively however. The old version is rather "dull" now in comparison.

:D That is all. You can pick up The Lollistalk at my mainstore and through the SL Marketplace. Individual colors are priced at L$225, the fatpack is L$675.

The Lollistalk on the SL Marketplace: dark blue | light blue | pink | purple | red | yellow | fatpack

P.S.: I will be retiring my Fastfood Backpack, Burger Vision Belt and Emergency Burger. You can pick up these items at half the usual price, for a limited time only.