Monday, October 31, 2011

Carry-On Craft

Are you a bird? No, you're a plane!

:) Hey everyone. Today I'm bringing back an old favorite. I originally made my Carry-On Craft in just one color for Project Themeory. I have now revamped it and added 5 more colors for a proper injection of travel cute! The Carry-On Craft is the logical solution to today's transportation issues. It's a bright, playful airplane costume that fits snugly around the body. An optional holding pose is included so that you may rest your arms on the aircraft's wings. The plane's blades also spin when commanded. Driving is surely a thing of the past. You have now become your own form of transportation!

Sales poster :D

All available colors. My personal favorites are probably pink and red. The fatpack is, as always, color scripted for your convenience. I even did some (by my standards) fancy scripting, because I wanted to control what the shadows looked like both when blade spinning was on and off.

View of the wings. The Themeory version of the Carry-On Craft didn't allow you to turn the holding pose off, but this full product release does. I thought it might be useful for photo purposes. You guys have posted some super cute pics of the Themeory edition! I'd love to see more.

Close-up of the engine base. Please note that mesh was used to make the blades spin. (My first use of mesh by the way, woot!) If you want to turn on blade rotation, you need a mesh enabled viewer. The latest official SL viewer supports mesh, but some third party viewers may not yet. If you don't need the blades to spin, any viewer will work. This airplane is modifiable and can be altered like any other modifiable SL object.

There we are. You can pick up the Carry-On Craft at my mainstore and through the SL Marketplace. Individual colors are priced at L$225, the fatpack is L$675.

Carry-On Craft on the SL Marketplace: blue | green | pink | purple | red | yellow | fatpack

P.S.: Flickr winner! I really liked this collage posted by Flickr user Lindsay Rozen, which features my Ducky Adoption Cart. I will be sending this customer a free Carry-On Craft fatpack as a prize. Please keep your pics coming. One of the most rewarding things about being an SL creator is that I get to see how you guys wear my items.