Monday, October 11, 2010

Office Cute

Cute yet distinguished looking, these office items will give you that all-important, business-y edge!

A friend of mine had suggested a while back that I release some of my sculpt work as separate items, and now I finally have. The Vintage Phone and Postal Packages I'm releasing today were originally made for The Mobile Phone and Snail Mail, respectively. I reworked their lighting and added more colors, hopefully preparing them for a long life inside many (colorful) Second Life offices. In addition, I think the parcels look quite nice alongside my previously released Mail Snail.

Sales poster for my Vintage Phone :)

All available colors: black, blue, pink, purple, red and yellow. My personal favorites are pink and purple, just because they're the cutest. I remember when I first decided to make this phone, I researched what materials old telephones would be made of. (Bakelite was apparently very common and interestingly enough it was developed by a Belgian chemist.) I also found vintage ads for phones and answering machines, which look wonderfully artistic now. I swear: research is often fascinating!

Sales poster for my Postal Packages :)

All available colors: brown, dark blue, green, light blue, pink and purple. Each package has a unique stamp and label. Each purchase also includes two full permission textures for the labels, so that the names and addresses can be customized and personalized. (The standard names and addresses are fictitious, of course.) My personal favorite colors: light blue and green.

Some last store news for this week: I'm retiring the following old pose and animation packs. They don't really fit it in with the rest of the store anymore, so I'll leave them up for another week and then take them back into inventory. You can pick them up at half price now, separate poses being only L$20. I do still like animation, but I'll probably start over with a different, more consistent concept.

That's all I think :)

My Vintage Phone and Postal Packages are available at my mainstore and on the SL Marketplace. The phone is L$125 per color, L$375 for the fatpack. The packages are L$150 for a set of two, L$450 for the fatpack.

Vintage Phone on the SL Marketplace: black | blue | pink | purple | red | yellow | fatpack
Postal Packages on the SL Marketplace: brown | dark blue | green | light blue | pink | purple | fatpack

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stitchy Outline Bag

Colorful, cute and fun! This sweet little shoulder bag will make you feel like a true lady.

After a long, school-induced hiatus I am finally back with a new release: my Stitchy Outline Bag. I originally made this bag for Mailman Iggy, but I quickly decided that I wanted to carry it around as well. I actually came up with the name first, which made me realize how I should rework the bag. I needed more colors obviously, but I also wanted each bag to have a distinct personal touch. After much recoloring and pattern picking here it finally is!

(Also: read on for new Flickr winners. I have chosen two people, who have submitted photos since the last giveaway, to receive the new release for free.)

Sales poster for my Stitchy Outline Bag :)

All the different colors: blue, brown, green, purple, red and yellow. Each color includes two versions, one with and one without the pattern on the flap. I personally prefer blue and green. Ironically, blue was the color I felt the least sure about, because I didn't feel I could make the waves look nice enough. In the end I think they turned out quite lovely and cute. The green bag I love because it instantly reminds me of Ireland, which I've visited countless times. (Beautiful country!)

Me wearing the bag. The holding pose is optional and can be turned on or off through the bag's menu. I usually leave it on, perhaps because it would be a shame not to after all the fiddling that went into creating it. It's impossible to make poses that fit every avatar shape, so I had to find a happy medium that would work for both tall and short residents.

Close up of the front lock. I like how it catches the light, as this makes the shadows pop. I took extra care in sculpting the shoulder strap, to make it fit around the body as naturally as possible.

There we are =^.^=

Individual colors of my Stitchy Outline Bag are priced at L$250 each, the fatpack is L$750. It's now available at my mainstore and on the new SL Marketplace.

Stitchy Outline bag on the SL Marketplace: blue | brown | green | purple | red | yellow | fatpack

And now: Flickr winners! The first pic I chose is this one by Summer Wardhani. I love the sky and how colorful the overall photo is. It feels very surreal somehow. Second pic I chose is this one by Eliza Janus. It made me chuckle so hard. I will contact you guys personally and send you your prize. I also want to thank everyone else who has submitted photos. A very special thank you to Newreem Waffle, Azure Electricteeth and Callia Pearl for the wonderful photo shoot they did with my Mail Snail. I very much enjoyed all your pics.