Thursday, December 17, 2009

Iggy the Snail

The cutest infestation to hit your inventories!

I initially made Iggy for my Snail Mail backpack. He looked cute enough though to warrant a separate release. So I made more colors, and two versions. There's the plain version, like he appeared on Snail Mail, and a snoozy version with him sleeping on a little pillow. Each version comes in 6 colors: dark blue, green, light blue, pink, purple and red. I'm using the shells as color indicators, because that's where I started recoloring from. I also figured that would be the least confusing in terms of naming.

Sales poster for plain Iggy :)

All the different color options. My personal favorite is probably pink. For ease of use I texture scripted Iggy for the fatpack. Otherwise I would've had to include 30 snails in the box, considering all the different attachment points.

Close up of the shell. If you're wondering why I chose Iggy by the way: it was a bit of a search. I went through a couple of names before I settled on this one, which I thought sounded fun and unusual. I didn't want something that already gave a lot of google results, so a few names got tossed. No reference meant to Iggy Pop either, who I only know by name :P

Sales poster for Snoozy Iggy :)

The 6 available colors. My favorite here is red. I really like the combination of the red shell and purple pillow. The fatpack is again texture scripted.

Close up of Iggy snoring. As the poster mentions, the sound and particles are optional. They can each be turned on or off through the menu. I kept the snoring subtle as well. It's not too loud and occurs once every minute or so at most.

That's it pretty much =^.^=

Plain Iggies are L$100 each, with the fatpack priced at L$300. Snoozy Iggies are L$150 each, fatpack L$450. They can be found in my mainstore and on Xstreet. Snoozy Iggy will be available at my Summer store location as well. Also: I'll be making bigger Iggies soon, with poses included, so stay tuned for those.

Iggy the Snail on Xstreet: dark blue | green | light blue | pink | purple | red | fatpack
Snoozy Iggy on Xstreet: dark blue | green | light blue | pink | purple | red | fatpack

Important note: I created a Flickr group for store photos, which you can find here. If you've taken pics wearing my products, please post them on Flickr and submit them to the group. I would love to see how you wear my creations, and I'll be sure to comment :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Snail Mail

All the joys of classic mail in one handy, portable mailbox!

Snail Mail fits in with other 'communication' themed items I've been making over the past few months. I've been enjoying myself so much combining this concept with vintage influences to create cute, tongue-in-cheek items. On this new backpack you'll find: mailbox, blinking snail, packages, duct tape, stamps, note, letters, fountain pen, ink pot, cables and more! Making Snail Mail was challenging, but I really pushed myself in terms of sculpting and lighting. Hopefully it shows :)

Sales poster!

Both sides of the mailbox. I hadn't put anything truly personal on my creations up until this point, but I couldn't help myself with this backpack. So I added some 'vandalism', which you can see on the side with the package. I ignored a certain someone who thought it didn't really fit :P

Blinking snail, holding a stamp with my store logo on it. I'll probably release this little guy separately and in more colors very soon. I actually have a couple of ideas for him, not sure which ones to go forward with yet.

The package on the left side of the mailbox. I think the shadowing looks especially good here. This backpack is the first project where I used shadows so extensively. I didn't feel comfortable doing it in the past because shadows can turn out messy if not done right. (And lighting has definitely been a learning process for me.) In the end it meant a lot of extra rendering, but it does make a huge difference in my opinion.

For the stamp on this package I scanned a drawing I did as a kid. At first I'd planned to use creative commons pics off of Flickr. Then I decided to play it safe instead, so all the stamps are images I made myself.

Part of the fountain pen, and an ink pot. The whole cable mechanism looks great I think. The shadowing is more subtle here perhaps, but it does give it that extra something to make it look more real. I need to find another project to use these locks in, because I don't feel like parting with them yet.

The front package, a note and an opened envelope. You can just about see the backside of my Benny the Bear on the stamp :P

Closeup of the fountain pen and the stamps on the right side of the mailbox. The pen certainly deserved to be on another creation, after I made it for my Mobile Phone. The texture for the pen point was probably the one I spent the most time on, ever. Two of the stamp pics are of me, the middle one of my good friend Dave Weir :)

Letter dropping in the letter slot. Random combinations get made from a total of 5 stamp and 5 envelope designs. Letters drop every 30 seconds to 3 minutes. All the names and addresses are made up of course, though I did look up actual towns and ZIP codes. For the stamps I again used pics by me, which can all be found on my Flickr as well.

And finally, the lock on the other side. It seems to catch the light even better here. There's actually another lock at the bottom of the mailbox, but you'd really have to cam under to see that one.

There we are :)

Snail Mail is mod/copy and priced at L$450. I was mindful of prim size limits again and made sure this backpack can go very, very small. Should be fine for all child avatars. I hope you'll enjoy your purchase. This item is truly one of a kind <3

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yalin 3015

Portable music reinvented, with the Yalin 3015!

For those who saw The Mobile Phone, this item is not entirely 'new'. I originally made this cassette recorder as a sort of answering machine for my backpack. It turned out cute though, I think, so I modded it to wear around the neck. Read on by the way for information on a special offer!

Sales poster for the green version :)

All the available colors: pink, purple, green, blue, red and grey. My personal favourites are green and red. The red one's coloring is a bit more diverse than the rest, which I found to work well. For those wondering about the name: Yalin comes from my SL name obviously and 3015 from my real life birthday, march 15th.

This cassette recorder is a personal design as you might've guessed. I looked at some reference photos, as I always do, but in the end I just made it realistic enough to be recognized as a cassette recorder and quirky enough to be fun to wear. I used to own a cassette recorder. Not sure it still works, if I still have it that is. I'm very much into modern gadgets and technology, but I get so nostalgic seeing old devices like this. I had planned to put 'vintage cassette recorder' on the poster, but hey: it's a cassette recorder, so of course it's vintage!

Closeup of the keys. Often the record buttons on real cassette players would be red, but I thought that would turn into an eyesore. The volume indicators were a bit tricky to map out, but I love adding detail like that to textures. I considered putting just 'volume' and leaving out the 'level', but I've seen that mention on different recorders and it makes them look even older. (Of course volume 'level', what else? We'd just say 'volume' nowadays.) I might overthink my stuff just a tiny bit, I realize that :P

More detail: electric plug and screws at the sides. Fitting this together was a pain, but all the extra tweaking really made a difference.

The spools and tape. It's a shame some of the detail gets lost when viewed at a distance, because the textures are rather nice. The tape does have that distinct shine to it.

There we are =^.^=

The Yalin 3015 is priced at L$140 per color and available at all my store locations and on Xstreet.

The Yalin 3015 on Xstreet: pink | purple | green | blue | red | grey

And now for the special offer: for a limited time only, you will get an extra color for free when you purchase this item. This offer is valid on purchases made before noon SLT tomorrow, september 18th, and open to group members only. If you haven't joined the update group yet, please do so by clicking the sign in my mainstore. When you've made your purchase, you can then send me a note specifying the extra color you want and I'll send it to you after the deadline expires :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Mobile Phone

Finally a new release! I had originally planned to finish this item a lot sooner, but unfortunately real life commitments got in the way and Second Life was put on hold. However, today, I'm very proud to announce that 'The Mobile Phone' is now available for purchase.

I originally made a vintage phone for my 'Burger Vision Belt', but afterwards I started thinking it deserved an accessory of its own. So I turned it into a backpack, with lots of add-ons referencing phones and technology. On the backpack you'll find: giant phone, battery, duct tape, baggies, fountain pen, ink pot, address book, vintage answering machine, 'speakerphone', electric cords and more. (This process will keep me busy forever. Now I can't seem to part with the battery and already got an idea of what to do with it.)

The Mobile Phone is no mod/copy/no transfer and contains a scripted resize menu. The first color I made was pink, but I quickly decided I (of course) needed traditional red and black as well. In the end I did 5 colors total, which turned out to be a bit of a texture nightmare.

Anyways, here it is! Sales poster :)

And here are the rest of the colors: pink, purple, blue and black. I was kind of hoping I would like the crazy colors better, but personally I do prefer the red version. I'm curious to know which color others will choose.

I'm adding plenty of detail pics to this post, but I can't do this for every color obviously. On Xstreet you'll find similar images of all available colors :)

Big battery, attached with duct tape. I was determined to make a detailed texture regardless of whether you'd see a lot of it. I modeled the battery after a Duracell one, but everything on it is in fact a parody. I replaced some symbols with the kanji for love, changed the warnings to 'do not eat', put 'made in SL' instead of 'made in EC' and changed the name. If you'd pull back the duct tape, you would see the brand is in fact Rezzacell. (A bit uninspired maybe. I wanted to do Avacell, but apparently this exists :P)

Baggies on the backpack belt. I especially like how the lighting on the buckles turned out. The bottom bag contains a small ink pot and the top bag my pride and joy of this whole project: my fountain pen. I love fountain pens. Years ago I was forced to write with fountain pens in school because of the erasable ink, but I'd still use them either way. They're much more graceful and usually more nicely decorated than your regular ballpoint pen.

Close up. I love the pen point. I made the texture from scratch, mapping out the lines and putting a little 'AMH' at the bottom. Originally I was going to do funky colors for the pen as well, but I thought a more elegant version would balance out the backpack.

The belt buckles. I hope I managed to make the colors on each backpack work together. I wanted bright and cheery colors for this item, starting with the phones and belts, but everything else that came on later made the color scheme a bit more complicated.

Address book. The pages inside are even 'printed', but you can't see much of it unfortunately. And yes, that is my handwriting :P

An answering machine, sort of. While looking for inspiration I found pics of enormously bulky 'telephone answering equipment', which made me nostalgic. And I hardly ever do realistic or modern looking sculpts, so this is partly my own design, partly inspired by old answering machines and cassette players/recorders.

Final piece. A megaphone/speakerphone. The one on the black backpack (shown here) is more traditionally colored than the rest. I know an answering machine is rather all-in-one, but the addition of the 'speaker' is meant to be cheeky of course :D

Just a note about the scripted resize: the biggest size is insanely big and the smallest insanely small. The pic below shows me in a child shape standing next to the XXL size. And I'm wearing the S size, not even XS, so this backpack should be ok for any child avatar. I never made my products specifically for child avatars, but I can see why my accessories would appeal to this group. I'll definitely continue taking this into account with future releases. I was very mindful of size differences between prims with this backpack.

That's it pretty much ^^

As you can see from the poster The Mobile Phone is priced at L$380 per color. This is no doubt the product I've put the most time and effort into, so it's definitely worth it I think. There's a fatpack available as well, containing all 5 colors, for L$950. The Mobile Phone is now available in all of my stores and on Xstreet.

Mainstore Location
Summer Store Location

The Mobile Phone on Xstreet: pink | purple | blue | red| black | fatpack

One final note: I announced the winners of my store opening contest ages ago, through my update group. However, I forgot to do it here. Those winners were: Dahlia Seoung, Fidella Faulds and Keira Maertens. I'd sent each of them a monetary prize, but they are now receiving this backpack as well.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Home Sweet Home, and a Contest

Woot! After long hours of endless tweaking, I'm happy to report my new mainstore, in the Osaka sim, is finally up. It's actually been up for a while already, but I wanted it to be perfect for when I posted the announcement. This is the first building I've made and it was challenging in a number of ways. However, I do hope it turned out nice ... and cute of course. My Linji location is still up and I will keep it as long as possible. It just won't be my main any longer, so please update your landmarks.

Wide view of the new store. The crystals and flowers in the garden are by the very talented Summer Seale :)

I decided to keep my old logo. It's definitely not one of the better sculpts I've done, but I'm so attached to it now. And it's simple and fun, so for now it stays.

Store sign. I really did my best with shadowing on this build. It's trial and error for me, I learn something new with each project. I'm truly grateful for all the skills I've been taught through SL.

Some interior shots. I thought the branch breaking through the building was a nice touch. I further updated all my vendors and rearranged them a bit.

In honor of this new mainstore opening, I'm having a contest. Entering is quick and easy. Simple join my update group (sign inside the store) and also click the pink logo on top of the building, which will enter you in the contest itself. Only after completing both steps will you have a chance to win. There will be three winners. Two will get a beautiful new backpack I'm close to finishing, a third will get this backpack and L$500 as well. Winners will be announced april 19th, both here and through my update group.

That's all for now. Please come have a look at the store. I put a lot of heart and soul into it :)

AnnaMayaHouse mainstore

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Cup of Cute

Phew, it's been a while since my last post. School got in the way as usual, but I'm getting ready to release a pair of shoes that I'm very excited about. They're gonna be ... different, of course. However, I really wanted to release something before then and I'd made this little bow for the shoes that I thought would work well on its own.

There's lots of bows out there already, I know, but this is my own take on it and it turned out nice, if I do say so myself. I spent a lot of time on the textures, which I hope has paid off. The Little Bow of Cute comes in 10 delicious flavors, L$60 each, with permissions mod and copy. You can also pick up the fat pack, which includes all colors at a 50% discount, in separates and in one handy texture scripted bow as well. Gabriel Watanabe graciously provided the necessary scripting power :o

And with these bows I've officially run out of space at my mainstore. It's time to move to my own parcel and I will, very soon. I'm working on a store building and will hopefully be at my new place within two weeks. Announcements about the location will follow here and in my update group, which is now set up. (Non-SL group, there's a sign to join at my mainstore.)

Speaking of which: I have sent a Little Bow of Cute fat pack to one subscriber. This time the lucky winner is Vasean Talamasca. Congratulations! Hope you like them. I'll give away more stuff and to more people in the future, but the group has to grow a bit still.

That's all from me! Pick up your favorite bows today at my mainstore, my store at the Summer sim or on Xstreet.

Mainstore Location
Summer Store Location

The Little Bow of Cute on Xstreet: pink | red | green | gold | dark purple | light purple | dark blue | light blue | white | black | fat pack

P.S.: I was very sad to see OnRez go. I personally always preferred it to Xstreet/SLX and made more sales there as well, because I could advertise at nice rates. I'm not optimistic about Linden Lab getting a monopoly in this market and seriously doubt any good will come of it. But let's hope I am wrong (like many others thinking the same).