Sunday, April 3, 2011

Carry-On Craft

Are you a bird? No, you're a plane!

:) Hey everyone. It's time for another Project Themeory release. This week's theme was The Masquerade. As I don't really make clothes, I broadened this subject to carnivals, Halloween and dressing up in general. This in turn inspired me to create a wearable airplane costume that will add a splash of cute to all your travels. Driving is surely a thing of the past. You have now become your own form of transportation!

Sales poster :D

The back of the aircraft, with a better view of the wings and fuselage. Making the plane fit nicely around the avatar was quite challenging. I spent hours tweaking the rim, but the extra effort was well worth it in the end. I'm really happy with how the craft fits around the body. The wings got some special attention as well, with flaps added for more detail.

Top view of the front of the aircraft. I included a holding pose in the plane to prevent one's arms from sinking into the wings. It also adds some more cute to the product I think. Your elbows now rest snugly on top of the wings :)

That is all =^.^=

I am happy to report that I have moved my mainstore to the brand new LISP sim, owned by my good friend Pandora Popstar (aka Lainy Voom). Please update your landmarks if you haven't done so already, as this will be my primary location from now on.

You can pick up my Carry-On Craft at LISP for only L$75. After this weekend it will go back into inventory, to be reworked for a re-release at full price.

P.S.: If you take pics wearing this product, please post them to the store Flickr pool. I would love to see!