Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yalin 3015

Portable music reinvented, with the Yalin 3015!

For those who saw The Mobile Phone, this item is not entirely 'new'. I originally made this cassette recorder as a sort of answering machine for my backpack. It turned out cute though, I think, so I modded it to wear around the neck. Read on by the way for information on a special offer!

Sales poster for the green version :)

All the available colors: pink, purple, green, blue, red and grey. My personal favourites are green and red. The red one's coloring is a bit more diverse than the rest, which I found to work well. For those wondering about the name: Yalin comes from my SL name obviously and 3015 from my real life birthday, march 15th.

This cassette recorder is a personal design as you might've guessed. I looked at some reference photos, as I always do, but in the end I just made it realistic enough to be recognized as a cassette recorder and quirky enough to be fun to wear. I used to own a cassette recorder. Not sure it still works, if I still have it that is. I'm very much into modern gadgets and technology, but I get so nostalgic seeing old devices like this. I had planned to put 'vintage cassette recorder' on the poster, but hey: it's a cassette recorder, so of course it's vintage!

Closeup of the keys. Often the record buttons on real cassette players would be red, but I thought that would turn into an eyesore. The volume indicators were a bit tricky to map out, but I love adding detail like that to textures. I considered putting just 'volume' and leaving out the 'level', but I've seen that mention on different recorders and it makes them look even older. (Of course volume 'level', what else? We'd just say 'volume' nowadays.) I might overthink my stuff just a tiny bit, I realize that :P

More detail: electric plug and screws at the sides. Fitting this together was a pain, but all the extra tweaking really made a difference.

The spools and tape. It's a shame some of the detail gets lost when viewed at a distance, because the textures are rather nice. The tape does have that distinct shine to it.

There we are =^.^=

The Yalin 3015 is priced at L$140 per color and available at all my store locations and on Xstreet.

The Yalin 3015 on Xstreet: pink | purple | green | blue | red | grey

And now for the special offer: for a limited time only, you will get an extra color for free when you purchase this item. This offer is valid on purchases made before noon SLT tomorrow, september 18th, and open to group members only. If you haven't joined the update group yet, please do so by clicking the sign in my mainstore. When you've made your purchase, you can then send me a note specifying the extra color you want and I'll send it to you after the deadline expires :)