Monday, October 13, 2008

Summer and Halloween

If you love particles, you should know Summer Seale. I'm not talking about obnoxious bling you see at clubs, but beautiful and intricate particles. Summer really is the particle queen and she recently opened her own sim which is just downright gorgeous. I'm honored she offered me a spot there.

The sim is a haven for fairies: magical, cute and filled to the brim with awesome sculpts, most of which Summer herself created.

Sim landing point. Just to give an idea of the goodies. You have to see this place for yourself. Pics can't do it justice.

My mushroom. I got to pick a color, so I went with the purple cap of course. Cutesy colors yay! I so love this little store. It's adorable, I love spending time here.

I'm sure it's not just me, but I get fired up over stuff like this. With this new store in mind, I felt inspired to finally do something for Halloween and perhaps, maybe, yes ... make it free. I've been totally lazy on the freebie front, about time that changed. I'm very grateful to everyone who has bought from me or stopped by my store.

The idea I went with isn't that original of course, as a Halloween freebie, but it all comes down to execution I thought. Wicked Witch Wendy (I hope) turned out sweet and fun. She blinks and her broom leaves a trail of particles (thanks to Summer!). She can be worn on your shoulder, attached to a scarf or as a spinning pet. I made two color options as well: a more classic Halloween look and a colorful pink and purple look. The first can be found at my main store in Linji, the second at my new mushroom store. Both of them will be available until November 1st, after which I'll take them back into my invent, for a year probably.

I hope this will introduce more people to Summer's sim. It deserves all the visitors it can get. Plus, making this was really fun. I think I'll do something for Christmas too, but maybe by then more specifically for customers or store subscribers. Just gotta poke a certain someone to put an update system in place :P

Anyways, happy Halloween everyone!
Grab these little witches before they disappear =^.^=

Wicked Witch Wendy I
Wicked Witch Wendy II