Saturday, August 16, 2008

Unfinished Business

I'm taking care of some unfinished business and finally updated the photography guide I wrote ages ago. More than long overdue, since the previous release was from before Windlight (Windlight introduction to the main client I mean). So I rewrote the Windlight section, reviewed everything and added some more stuff here and there that I'd been thinking of for ages. I've tried making it as logical as possible, leaving out some info that's perhaps less to the point.

Another thing that's off my 'to do' list. I was getting more annoyed by the day realising people might get confused by the outdated info. Plus, I recently made the time to Photoshop again and the thought of that old, old guide was like a constant bee sting. Yah. I was surprised finding out how many people have actually gotten the 1.1 version, so I hope the update will be appreciated. If you have the 1.1, you should've received the 1.2 by now through the update system. You can always get a new, updated copy of course if you didn't. (May happen if you opened the first box in a no script area.)

Anyway, I really appreciate feedback. I'm hoping to turn this into a long term project, where others may want to contribute as well.

Eventually I'll make a pdf version for easier reference, but for now this update will do. There's too many other things I need to finish still. I started on another sculpt project and really want to get a move on.

Off to battle!


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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fastfood Backpack

Hi there, Anya Yalin here: sculptor/animator/machinima lover/... This is my first ever post on a blog of my own. I started making content for Second Life quite a while ago, but now I want to handle this like a big girl and become a bit more organised. (I'm all over the place most of the time in just about anything I do.) This blog will be for store info obviously, as well as occasional ramblings and cookie dispensing.

Now to dive right in. There's this bag I made. I have a slight addiction to prim accessories (hence you'll find me with most attachment points occupied 99% of the time), so I wanted something with a lot of detail. And I mean a LOT. All sides of the bag covered, little nicknacks, the whole deal. Going to this website daily I settled on a fastfood/kitty/cutesy backpack. (Plus, I'm a neko.) And woot, now it's finally, and I really do mean finally, finished. I drove myself (and a few others) nearly crazy, but the bag turned out like I wanted it to, yay. I'm so excited to release it after a lot of frustration with sculpting, texturing, baking and endless tweaking. In and on the bag: fries, hamburgers, soda, burger box, baggies, decorative buttons, safety pins, little hearts, tiny bell, 10 dollar bill, paper notes, kitty logo, knife, fork, spoon, and more!

After some consideration I decided to price it at 350, which I think is reasonable considering the amount of work that went into it. The bag totals 192 prims, 186 of which are sculpted. To prevent the sculpt maps of the prims from being seen, this item is no mod. However, the box contains 5 different sizes to ensure perfect fit.

I took loads of pics to show as much detail as possible. Either way, if you want to inspect this bag before purchasing, I provided demo versions of all sizes at my store and on OnRez and SLX.

Sales poster. Man, it's hard to cram in a lot of info on such a small resolution, considering I use this for Xstreet too.

My long lost addiction to coke, yah. I used to be a sugar bomb.

Hmmm yum. I'm so proud of this stupid bun lol.

My store logo, inconspicuous enough I think. I personally don't like stores putting their names on products, even though I realize it's normal irl.

Fries and buttons ooooh. Inside the curled up note is a reference to that website I mentioned earlier. I've noticed myself using that kind of 'lolspeak' more often in SL conversations. I used to type all neatly even in IMs, punctuation included :P

Adorable big button and more fries. The burger box I relit a couple of times, wasn't sure about what I wanted. I made it slightly pinkish too, because I thought that was cuter and would blend in better with the overall colors.

The belt. I had a hard time settling on the color. I eventually went with a light blue similar to the main bag. I like having the color scheme be one whole, elements returning as well. That's why there's splashes on both the belt and the bag too. I'm a dork like that.

The dollar bill was cool to make. I thought about doing Santa money instead, but I found nice resolution images of the 10 dollar bill so there ya go. The image on the pink button was scanned from a little booklet I have irl. The texturing on the bell I'm quite fond of.

More cat references. This little guy was too sweet not to use.

Phew, I think that's about it. I hope you'll enjoy wearing this bag as much as I enjoyed making (and wearing) it. It's available at my main store location and on OnRez and SLX. Gifting is available at my store too by the way, courtesy of Gabriel Watanabe's awesome vendors. I thank him as well for his support during the creation of this item. His patience with my whining is endless.

I love input, so feel free to leave a comment or say hi. You might know me from elsewhere already. I'm scattered all over the internet, on YouTube, Flickr, Koinup etc.

Anyways, I sign off for now!

Anya Yalin

Mainstore Location

Fastfood Backpack on Xstreet (and demos)