Saturday, November 13, 2010

Snooze To Go

A handy little backpack for when you just need some shuteye!

Hey everyone. Today I have the pleasure of participating in Project Themeory. Project Themeory is a weekly grid-wide event. Every Saturday at 12:00 a.m. SLT a group of designers places an item at the front of their stores corresponding to a certain theme, to remain there until that Sunday evening. These items are all new and all priced at L$75 for that weekend only. Each week features different designers and a unique theme. You can join the in-world Project Themeory group for more info and notifications :)

Today was my turn and I am so happy to release this new backpack. My November theme was "I heart RL", which sparked not one, but many ideas. Eventually though, I decided to make something surrounding ... sleep! There's a couple of reasons for this. I do like to sleep/snooze/nap, obviously. (Especially after a period of exhaustion, a nap feels absolutely amazing.) But sleep as a phenomenon is also just really fascinating. We as humans spend close to a third of our lives sleeping. Yet, the need for sleep is little understood. I thought a sleep themed item would be particularly interesting for Second Life as well, since physical limitations don't apply to avatars in virtual worlds.

But anyways, here is my first Themeory release! <3

Closer look at the old alarm clock, with glowing moon and stars. I truly love vintage design. Nowadays I have my phone wake me up (as I'm sure most people do), but if I ever were to buy another alarm it'd be something like this. There's a definite charm to old design. For my Snooze To Go clock I had originally envisioned a transparent face complete with numbers and hands, but then I came to the conclusion that those time indicators didn't add anything. Just the moon and stars in the center looks cuter I think. The idea behind the product is sleep after all.

The front bow. I wasn't sure whether to add the ribbons or not, but a friend advised that I should. I find it valuable to ask for outside opinions like that. When you're creating a product, you tend to lose sight of how others perceive certain things. The ribbons do look nice and make the bow seem grander. So outside opinion wins!

That's all :)

You can pick up Snooze To Go for L$75 at my outlet store in the Meow sim (somewhat of a Themeory hotspot). After this weekend I will take it back into inventory for a while. When I've added some extra touches and created more colors I will re-release it, probably at around L$200-L$300. That won't be for next week though. I have something else in the works for then, ha! :D

P.S.: If you happen to buy Snooze To Go and take pics, you can add your photos to the store Flickr pool. I would love to see!