Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rezzanite Power Supply

Feeling the metaverse blues? Running low on virtual energy? Try Rezzanite!

:) Hello everyone. This weekend I am once again participating in Project Themeory. My theme for March was springtime and I made a fun, colorful battery pack that is sure to energize any avatar. Those gloomy, wintery days will soon be forgotten! The Rezzanite Power Supply has some wonderful little details and comes with animated menu displays.

Sales poster :D

Close-up of the battery. I had a lot of fun figuring out the design on this, which comes complete with warnings and technical information. I spent some time considering different brand names as well. Rezzanite I thought sounded the most powerful, with the most kick. It could be a name of a Transformers robot. "Rezzanite, transform!"

Close-up of the switches on the right side of the power supply. I think these look very cute and whimsical. They were originally meant to go on the front of the battery pack, next to the menus. It would've been a tight fit though, which is why I moved them to the side. This also makes the overall layout of the product more interesting, in my opinion.

There you have it =^.^=

You can pick up the Rezzanite Power Supply for L$75 at my outlet store in the Meow sim. After this weekend it will go back into inventory, to be reworked for a re-release at full price.

P.S.: If you take pics wearing this product, please post them to the store Flickr pool. I would love to see!

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