Thursday, December 17, 2009

Iggy the Snail

The cutest infestation to hit your inventories!

I initially made Iggy for my Snail Mail backpack. He looked cute enough though to warrant a separate release. So I made more colors, and two versions. There's the plain version, like he appeared on Snail Mail, and a snoozy version with him sleeping on a little pillow. Each version comes in 6 colors: dark blue, green, light blue, pink, purple and red. I'm using the shells as color indicators, because that's where I started recoloring from. I also figured that would be the least confusing in terms of naming.

Sales poster for plain Iggy :)

All the different color options. My personal favorite is probably pink. For ease of use I texture scripted Iggy for the fatpack. Otherwise I would've had to include 30 snails in the box, considering all the different attachment points.

Close up of the shell. If you're wondering why I chose Iggy by the way: it was a bit of a search. I went through a couple of names before I settled on this one, which I thought sounded fun and unusual. I didn't want something that already gave a lot of google results, so a few names got tossed. No reference meant to Iggy Pop either, who I only know by name :P

Sales poster for Snoozy Iggy :)

The 6 available colors. My favorite here is red. I really like the combination of the red shell and purple pillow. The fatpack is again texture scripted.

Close up of Iggy snoring. As the poster mentions, the sound and particles are optional. They can each be turned on or off through the menu. I kept the snoring subtle as well. It's not too loud and occurs once every minute or so at most.

That's it pretty much =^.^=

Plain Iggies are L$100 each, with the fatpack priced at L$300. Snoozy Iggies are L$150 each, fatpack L$450. They can be found in my mainstore and on Xstreet. Snoozy Iggy will be available at my Summer store location as well. Also: I'll be making bigger Iggies soon, with poses included, so stay tuned for those.

Iggy the Snail on Xstreet: dark blue | green | light blue | pink | purple | red | fatpack
Snoozy Iggy on Xstreet: dark blue | green | light blue | pink | purple | red | fatpack

Important note: I created a Flickr group for store photos, which you can find here. If you've taken pics wearing my products, please post them on Flickr and submit them to the group. I would love to see how you wear my creations, and I'll be sure to comment :)