Sunday, April 5, 2009

Home Sweet Home, and a Contest

Woot! After long hours of endless tweaking, I'm happy to report my new mainstore, in the Osaka sim, is finally up. It's actually been up for a while already, but I wanted it to be perfect for when I posted the announcement. This is the first building I've made and it was challenging in a number of ways. However, I do hope it turned out nice ... and cute of course. My Linji location is still up and I will keep it as long as possible. It just won't be my main any longer, so please update your landmarks.

Wide view of the new store. The crystals and flowers in the garden are by the very talented Summer Seale :)

I decided to keep my old logo. It's definitely not one of the better sculpts I've done, but I'm so attached to it now. And it's simple and fun, so for now it stays.

Store sign. I really did my best with shadowing on this build. It's trial and error for me, I learn something new with each project. I'm truly grateful for all the skills I've been taught through SL.

Some interior shots. I thought the branch breaking through the building was a nice touch. I further updated all my vendors and rearranged them a bit.

In honor of this new mainstore opening, I'm having a contest. Entering is quick and easy. Simple join my update group (sign inside the store) and also click the pink logo on top of the building, which will enter you in the contest itself. Only after completing both steps will you have a chance to win. There will be three winners. Two will get a beautiful new backpack I'm close to finishing, a third will get this backpack and L$500 as well. Winners will be announced april 19th, both here and through my update group.

That's all for now. Please come have a look at the store. I put a lot of heart and soul into it :)

AnnaMayaHouse mainstore