Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What I Can Never Find

Leg accessories, yes! Good ones at least are hard to come by. And since I wanted to continue my backpack theme, I decided to make one myself. I should've released this sooner I suppose, but other stuff got in the way, as usual.

The Emergency Burger leg accessory continues on my fast food theme, and is again in reference to ICHC. It includes a leg strap, ketchup bottle, toothbrush, toothpaste, blinking kitty, soda, laundry pin, seal, double cheeseburger (with ketchup!), straps, safety pins, fries and buttons. I owe a special thanks to Gabriel Watanabe for making the blink script for me. He rocks, like, a lot.

I put the accessory at L$240, with permissions mod and copy. It's resizable and customizable, the only thing you can't modify is the scripts inside the kitten. I thought about doing scripted resize instead, but this didn't prove as accurate, especially with the kitten eyes.

Sales poster, made like the backpack one.

The ketchup bottle made me drool in-world. I think the shine on it turned out nicely. The texturing on the lid I'm really proud of.

I thought it would be fun to add extra little details to the soda bag, so I ended up making the toothbrush and paste. The idea being, let's say, that if you eat junk but brush all is good. It's meant to be playful. I added little paws to the bag texture and put my logo on the toothbrush as well (for lack of inspiration).

I didn't set out to make the kitty totally realistic, which is why the paws are a bit more cartoony. I wanted to dress him as well, seemed sweet. Added some more detail to the pants in the process.

The note on the bag I wrote myself. That's the idea that got me started for this accessory and where I got the name from. The seal is totally cute to me. Best appreciated if you know ICHC.

I guess despite the name for this item, the burger really isn't the most important thing on it. It was the easy part of this project, since I already made it for the backpack. But I revamped it a bit, added more ketchup and different pins.

The strap lock, with a soft shine to it. There's a lot of different colors on this accessory, but I think they blend in together well enough.

That's it! Everything shown in detail as much as possible. I'm so glad to have this item out and I hope people will enjoy it. Off to make more stuff =^.^=

Mainstore Location

Emergency Burger on Xstreet