Saturday, December 11, 2010

Floral Energy Pack

The power of a flower, contained in one beautiful backpack!

Hi everyone. Today I am once again participating in Project Themeory. This week we had to draw inspiration from our favorite decade in the 1900s. I chose The Sixties and more specifically the flower power age. It has always seemed like such an interesting time to me and I would've loved to have been around back then to experience the social changes taking place. Also, the 'style' of the hippie movement I feel really fits in with my store, which is all about fun and colorful things.

So without further ado: my new product release! :)

A closer view of the backpack. I actually looked at quite a few photos of diving and pressure tanks to figure out how I should approach this project. Because I wanted to have a flower serve as an energy source of some kind, I figured containment and control would be important. That's where the idea of a tank came in.

The lock and pressure mechanisms. I had a lot of fun sculpting the pressure meter, because it added that touch of realism I was after. I tried to design this backpack as if it truly existed and could be functional. Combining that sense of realism with a quirky concept is what (hopefully) makes this product fun.

The peace symbol at the bottom of the backpack. I thought adding it here would be a nice way to further indicate my source of inspiration.

That's everything =^.^=

You can pick up the Floral Energy Pack for L$75 at my outlet store in the Meow sim. After this weekend it will go back into inventory, to be reworked for a re-release at full price.

P.S.: As always, you can add your own pics of this backpack to the store Flickr pool.