Sunday, December 21, 2008

Series Revisited

First off, let me say that the Halloween freebies were a success. In the end I gave away over 1200 witches and I've seen them pop up here and there on blogs, which makes me happy. I'll definitely make more freebies in the future. For Christmas however, I couldn't manage. School has kept me too busy to work on new products much and I'd started this other project ages ago that I really needed to finish. And I now finally have.

When I made my Fastfood Backpack, it was meant as part of a series. I released the Emergency Burger to go with it as a leg accessory and thought afterwards a belt would be cool as well. I wanted it to be less girly looking than the other two, but still referenced to junk food and my favourite website, ICHC. I decided on a technology theme, yet slightly tongue-in-cheek as usual. After some delay, it's finally here: my Burger Vision Belt.

The best thing on this belt was one of the last to be thought up. I had a general idea of what I wanted before I started sculpting the belt base, but the phone was originally meant as a regular cell phone. I find this much cuter though, and I always love a bit of nostalgia. I'm proud of how it turned out and will in fact use this phone for another project, with some slight modifications. It deserves to stand on its own I think.

I added a kitty button to this belt, like I did with the other products in the series. It's one of the few recurring prims and ties everything together a bit.

I had some fun adding images and text to this diary, even if you can't really see much of it. I like the texturing on the strap as well, and the lighting on all the buttons. Thanks to Gabriel Watanabe the remote actually works. The blue and green buttons turn the corresponding TVs on and off, the red button controls both. I thought a feature like this would be good, since some might get annoyed at the continuous animation loops inside the TV screens (an SL limitation).

The TVs I knew from the start I was gonna add. I wasn't sure if animating them would be feasible, but after some fiddling that worked out better than I could've hoped. Each screen consists of two prims, so that the 'static' moves independently from the actual movies. The footage was shot by me inside The Sims 2.

The belt is overall less 'cutesy' looking than my backpack or leg accessory, but I added some sweet elements nonetheless. The texturing on the hearts turned out quite nice and I made bold, colorful buttons to be used throughout the entire belt.

That's it! The Burger Vision Belt is now available at my two store locations and on Xstreet. I priced it at L$350, which I think is fair considering the amount of work that went into it. I add a lot of detail to my items, which I hope makes them more special and unique. And I personally love highly detailed accessories. The more prims, the merrier =^.^=

Mainstore Location
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Burger Vision Belt on Xstreet