Monday, March 29, 2010

Mailman Iggy

He's a snail, on a mission!

I made another Iggy that I hope you guys will like. He may not be the most efficient mailman, but he prides himself on being the cutest. As with previous releases, Mailman Iggy comes in 6 colors: dark blue, green, light blue, pink, purple and red. There are also two versions: a non-scripted, pet version and a scripted, functional mailbox version. Initially I was just going to release him scripted, because I wanted that mailbox for myself as well, but then I figured some might enjoy him as a pet.

Read on by the way for my first ever Flickr winners! Two people who submitted their photos to the store pool will be receiving a fatpack of their choice for free.

Sales poster for Mailman Iggy :)

All the different colors. I can't really pick a favorite here. I wanted there to be as many 'traditional' looking mailbags as colorful ones, and I quite like both now.

Close up of the mailbag. The shadowing turned out rather nice I think. I might release this bag separately in other colors and with different stitching on the flap, but I'm not sure if it needs more detail. Could be cute though, and I've never really made a bag before.

Sales poster for Mail Snail :)

I'm using a different name for this scripted version to avoid confusion, but as you can see it's the same as Mailman Iggy sculpt-wise, bar a few prims.

So what does Mail Snail do? Mail Snail is a fully functional mailbox. People can drop their notecards onto your Mail Snail, after which they'll see a letter fall in the mailbag and a line in chat indicating their message has been sent. (The note hanging from the mailbag tells people how to use the mailbox. If they click on the mailbox, they'll also see a more detailed explanation in chat.) When notes have been sent, you will be notified through email and/or IM. You can then retrieve the messages from the mailbox by left clicking and choosing "fetch messages" from the blue popup menu. The notes will be transferred to your inventory in a dated folder.

There are 5 possible textures for the explanatory note on the mailbag, accessed through the blue popup menu. The lines Mail Snail pastes in chat are customizable. You can also choose whether or not to display floating text over the mailbox, indicating the number of messages received.

That's all there is to know I think. If you have more questions about this product, feel free to contact me :)

Below, the 6 available colors. Just adding this pic so you can see the notes. Apart those and the letter, these colors are the same as in Mailman Iggy of course.

There we go =^.^=

Mailman Iggy is L$225 for one color, L$675 for the fatpack. Mail Snail is L$300 for one color, L$900 for the fatpack. They're both available in my mainstore and on Xstreet.

Mailman Iggy on Xstreet: dark blue | green | light blue | pink | purple | red | fatpack
Mail Snail on Xstreet: dark blue | green | light blue | pink | purple | red | fatpack

And now: Flickr winners! I made a Flickr pool for the store a while back and I love the pics you guys have been submitting. I chose two that have been added since the release of Iggy the Snail to receive a special prize.

The first is this one by Flickr user newnewpon. I really like this outfit and her use of my Burger Vision Belt. Second pic is this one by Flickr user Dyn@Mite2009. Very cute and funny photo! I will contact you guys personally about claiming your prize. And thank you to everyone else who submitted photos as well! There were lots of cool and original entries. I'd love to see more, and I'll be selecting more winners in the future :)