Monday, August 15, 2011

Vintage Alarm Clock

Time is ticking by in good old fashioned style!

:) Hey everyone. I have another wonderfully nostalgic product release for you today. My Vintage Alarm Clock is detailed, colorful and fully functional. You can set it to your local time and add an alarm with email or IM notification. Ticking and alarm sounds are optional. Each purchase includes both a high and low prim version of the product.

Sales poster ^^

All available colors. My personal favorites are silver and blue. I don't usually do silver or white versions of my products, but I thought in this case it was kind of mandatory. While making this clock I also discovered some new color combinations that I hadn't considered previously. I particularly like the combination of the red clock with the green face. (I should have figured these colors would compliment each other, as they're opposite on the color wheel.)

The back of the clock. I actually borrowed a real vintage alarm clock to see what all the switches are supposed to do, because I honestly couldn't tell from pictures I found on the Internet. The way I ended up arranging everything isn't completely true to life, but I prefer this configuration. As mentioned above, each clock color includes both a high and low prim version. The low version is 15 prims and doesn't come with the switches on the back.

The face of the clock. I added a tiny handwritten "AnnaMayaHouse" right over the base of the hands. I thought it looked cute, and it's a nice personal touch :)

That's all! The Vintage Alarm Clock is now available through my mainstore as well as the SL Marketplace. On the SL Marketplace you can also download the pdf manual. One clock color is L$250, the fatpack is priced at L$750.

Vintage Alarm Clock on the SL Marketplace: black | blue | gold | pink | red | silver | fatpack

P.S.: Flickr winners! I've chosen three people who've added pics to the store Flickr pool to receive a box of goodies. I loved this pic by Flickr member destinyP. The use of shadows is wonderful and it was lovely seeing one of my items in a fashion spread. The second pic I chose is this one by jjjulia pearl. It's so fun and cheery and instantly put a smile on my face. Lastly I chose this pic by Strawberry Twig. It's downright adorable!

I will contact you guys personally and send you your prize. Your goodie box will contain a Vintage Alarm Clock fatpack and some other, wearable items from the store. I hope you'll enjoy! And thank you to everyone else as well for submitting pics. I love seeing what you come up with.