Sunday, May 1, 2011

Zippy Bunk

Shhh... It's time for popcorn, stories and general mischief!

:D Hello everyone. This weekend brings a new Project Themeory event. The theme guidelines instructed us to "tell a story", in an artistic way. I took inspiration from my childhood this time and made a fun, colorful bunk bed. My sister and I shared a bunk until I was 10 or so, which was truly a multi-purpose piece of furniture. We used it as a life raft for our dolls during imaginary storms and tucked our blankets in-between the upper slats to create cozy fortresses. The bed itself was kind of bland, so I did my own take on it for this event. The Zippy Bunk has now arrived to address the real need for no-sleep, all-playtime beds!

Sales poster. I also rezzed a copy of this bed at my store so you can test the poses :)

A closer look at the zipper in front. I actually designed these sculpts ages ago for a product I ended up not releasing. I'm glad I was finally able to use them in a new creation, because I do think the mechanism is cute. I had fun fitting the parts together as well, for the blanket fortress. I like the way the fabric falls open right after the zipper slider. It looks quite natural.

A soft pillow on top. The bed has a total of 43 prims, but you could probably do away with a few if you have a limited prim count. The upper mattress has 4 slats for instance and the lower bed a headboard that is not immediately visible from the outside. I like things to look fully functional, which is why I add these little details. (I did not include slats for the lower mattress though, because no one would ever see these.)

VoilĂ , that is all! :D

You can pick up the Zippy Bunk at my mainstore for only L$75. After this weekend it will go back into inventory, to be reworked for a re-release at full price.

P.S.: If you take pics of this product, please post them to the store Flickr pool. I would love to see! I've really been enjoying the pics customers have posted of my previous release, the Carry-On Craft.

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