Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cupid Training Stand

The striking of hearts requires well-rounded, continual practice!

:) Hello everyone. Week 56 of Project Themeory had as its theme Deathly Dark Days. I interpreted this rather loosely and came up with a cute nightstand for aspiring Cupids. This item was originally meant to be morbid, with arrows actually piercing the hearts. I felt I needed to be true to the spirit of my work however, which is why it's turned out much more fun and whimsical. The Cupid Training Stand provides hopelessly romantic souls with the perfect form of target practice!

Sales poster. I rezzed a copy of the stand at my store as well, so you can have a look.

Close-up of the archery target, complete with tiny heart. I'd sculpted another heart in the past, but this one looks a lot nicer in my opinion. For a while I considered giving the target classic target colors. The pinkish/reddish works better though when taking the overall palette into account. I pay a lot of attention to color combinations, trying to balance things as much as possible.

A closer look at the spare golden heart that is suspended from a coat hanger. I tried adding more of these hearts, but it didn't do anything for the product. The prim count was already substantial, so I decided to just go for one.

The arrow lying on top of the stand. The pink sculpt is a little pair of wings, which has turned out rather abstract I suppose. I knew I wanted the arrow to be delicate and cute. The extra little details make it fit in better with the rest of the product I think.

That's all :D

You can pick up the Cupid Training Stand at my mainstore for only L$75. After this weekend it will go back into inventory, to be reworked for a re-release at full price.

P.S.: If you take pics of this product, please post them to the store Flickr pool. I will be rewarding several photos when I release my next product.

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