Saturday, August 16, 2008

Unfinished Business

I'm taking care of some unfinished business and finally updated the photography guide I wrote ages ago. More than long overdue, since the previous release was from before Windlight (Windlight introduction to the main client I mean). So I rewrote the Windlight section, reviewed everything and added some more stuff here and there that I'd been thinking of for ages. I've tried making it as logical as possible, leaving out some info that's perhaps less to the point.

Another thing that's off my 'to do' list. I was getting more annoyed by the day realising people might get confused by the outdated info. Plus, I recently made the time to Photoshop again and the thought of that old, old guide was like a constant bee sting. Yah. I was surprised finding out how many people have actually gotten the 1.1 version, so I hope the update will be appreciated. If you have the 1.1, you should've received the 1.2 by now through the update system. You can always get a new, updated copy of course if you didn't. (May happen if you opened the first box in a no script area.)

Anyway, I really appreciate feedback. I'm hoping to turn this into a long term project, where others may want to contribute as well.

Eventually I'll make a pdf version for easier reference, but for now this update will do. There's too many other things I need to finish still. I started on another sculpt project and really want to get a move on.

Off to battle!


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